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«… Just like Peter Gabriel when he left Genesis, she delivers something unexpected under the name When Mary…»

In 2013, Trude Eidtang, former vocalist of the renowned Norwegian art rock band White Willow, released the first album from her project WHEN MARY. «7summers7winters» received great reviews both within Norway, across Europe and in the US. The release was followed by 2 years of extensive touring, and various collaborations with diverse visual and conceptual artists. In 2017 When Mary will be releasing their second album, TAINTED.

Musically WHEN MARY mixes art pop and trip hop with elements of symphonic rock, and find inspiration in conceptual musicians like Kate Bush, Björk, Peter Gabriel and Laurie Anderson.

Thematically the band cultivates a fascination for the disturbing, the unseen and the morbid, commenting on issues like prejudice, injustice and deception. 

Trude Eidtang writes lyrics and music, arranging and producing with Christian Paulsen (Essence of Mind, Hell:Sector), her main collaborator since the early beginnings. The last years keyboardist Vidar Uthaug has also been a permanent member of the band.

When Mary live band:
Trude Eidtang: vocals/synth/percussion/glockenspiel
Christian Paulsen: guitars/programming/synth/engineering
Vidar Uthaug: keyboards/backing vocals



  • Jan 2017

    Release TAINTED

    2016 07 03 12.57.56Oh my, but art is long and our life is fleeting (Faust 47)


  • Des 2014

    No human being is illegal

    No human is illigal NOUR street art, video montage


  • Jan 2014

    Out of Spaces - single

    Single from the upcoming album TAINTED


  • Nov 2013

    7summers7winters (remix)

    MVI_1178.MOV.Still001An all-electronic remix of the first album title  track (video)


  • Jan 2013

    7summers7winters - album

    Cover-forside«…Eidtang somehow manages to incorporate the ambiance of Enya and the resigned melancholy of Björk…»

  • Oct 2012

    Annie`s song

    Annies still 04A When Mary cover of the John Denver song (video)