Oct 26: What`s up with Mary?

Today marks the one year anniversary of the international release of When Mary`s second album, TAINTED after signing with UK label Sonicbond.
So grateful to all the people buying and playing our music, for all the wonderful reviews, nominations and concert opportunities that TAINTED has brought so far!

Tainted was written as a continuum, and it all started in a small town in southern Germany where I was visiting for a wedding back in 2012. I recorded the bells of the local cathedral, and from there the idea for a conceptual album grew, mixing folklore and classic literature with personal experiences and my views on certain aspects of modern life.
How it all came together is really hard to capture in retrospect,
I guess that is just how creativity works sometimes…

Lyrics and melodies came easier to me this time around than with our first album, and TAINTED would probably have taken less time to finish than 7summers7winters, had it not been for both myself and Christian having hectic day jobs and multiple projects.
In regard to recordings, we also had to fit in other people’s schedules, as we were lucky to have several other great musicians contributing on the album.
But looking back I think the music and project as a whole benefited and matured as a result of the “slow cooking”.

I cannot count the hours Christian and myself have spent in the studio, recording, mixing, re-recording and re-mixing, both together and separately. Our first album was more of a trial and error kind of thing where very little was defined beforehand.
This time around I had a much more clear direction and I guess I have become a better songwriter as well.
This I think made it easier for me to let other people, especially Christian, bring his signature and influences to the finished work, a quite dark and electronic album.

Now we are looking to the future and currently touring with our new multimedia-production “What`s Your Frequency?” that highlights the music through video backdrops and light designs put together by Christian.

This production consists of songs from both our albums, many of them partly re-arranged to fit our current duo line up,.
“What`s Your Frequency?” also marks the 10-year jubilee for when Christian and myself first started working together, slowly shaping the project that today is When Mary.